OVERLANDER MAGAZINE promotes the whole range of activities possible with our vehicles, from simple weekends away to “Around the World” adventures. An ideal place to find out what is going on, get to know some awesome places to visit and discover some of the best products on the market.  Brazilian/South American based, but with a World Outlook. A great meeting place for the ever growing International Overland Community to exchange and share ideas and experiences.


A high quality eMagazine published every six months. Always with unique content, the best articles, photos and videos we can find, creating the best possible experience for our readers. A magazine written by Overlanders for Overlanders! Each edition attempts to offer something for everyone. From fully equipped expeditions to ideas on how to escape the city for that long weekend. Adventures here in Brazil and South America as well as stories from around  the world. Experiences of solo travellers, group adventures, product analysis, book and app suggestions and of course various examples of the many ways you can prepare your vehicle. The idea is to demonstrate some of the amazing things you can do with your vehicle and what it can do for you.

Accessible everywhere in all countries, the downloadable intereactive PDF can be read on any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone with no additional download or apps needed. Just as happy at home or in the office as it is out on the road.

At the moment only the digital eMagazine version is available in English. A printed version is available in Portuguese.