OVERLAND WAY – Teotihuacán Pyramids in Mexico

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The City of Teotihuacán predates the Aztec civilisation itself and was the largest city in the entire world at it’s peak, having more than 200,000 individuals sharing the grounds of this amazing place at once. The pyramids of the Sun and Moon are the main attractions but the site itself expands through 25 km2 of area and is made of hundreds of temples, tombs and housing constructions from up to 100 BC. This amazing place is only 50 km away from the capital – Mexico City – and access is easy both by driving or public transport, making it a great spot to visit in your next Mexico holidays.

Sobre OVERLAND WAY – Michaela e Alexandre
O casal brasileiro e australiana resolveu largar tudo para tentar realizar o sonho de dar a volta ao mundo de carro.
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