Porque Viajar Conosco?

Travel is our passion and over the years, it has provided us with some of the best times of our lives. We now want to share some of them with you.

So much more

For us, a journey is so much more than just a series of destinations. It is a wonderful combination of experiences and emotions. Interactions with nature, wildlife, culture, tradition and more than anything, local people. Essential ingredients to appreciating any new place and a small glimpse into its heart and soul. Through unique, exclusive and authentic experiences, we hope to promote, not just physical, but emotional connections with our destinations.

“A great journey is one where you you do not merely visit a place, but where you become part of it.”

The details

The difference is always in the details. Those little extra touches that go beyond the experience of a regular journey. Opportunities to get off the beaten track, to explore and make new discoveries. To feel that sense of adventure, enjoy that specially chosen meal, interact with the local people. One day, waking up at dawn for a special surprise, the next just relaxing with a typical drink at the end of the day.

When added together, they form an amazing experience and a lifelong memory.

Quality not quantity

We are deliberately limiting the number of expeditions each year. By choosing fewer journeys, we guarantee that we will always be at our best, full of energy and looking forward to the adventures just as much as you. The idea is to provide something for everyone, with an exciting balance between national and international destinations, varying in duration from full expeditions to short weekenders.

Each year, we hope to introduce something new.

Where we stay and what we eat, make all the difference

For us, a hotel, a pousada or a lodge is not just a place to rest and sleep. It is an experience to be enjoyed and a wonderful opportunity to discover more about the places you are visiting. Food and meals are also essential parts of all our journeys, literally giving a delicious taste and insight into the region.

We not only look for the best options available, but make it a priority to seek out hotels and restaurants that genuinely represent the local culture.


All our expeditions are overland, driving varied distances across many different types of terrain with so much to see and do along the way. For this reason, each day is meticulously planned, selecting the most interesting routes with optimal rest stops and just the right amount of adventure. All designed to ensure we arrive safely on time at our destinations.

With our Fly & Drive options, the right vehicle choice is fundamental and for each journey we work with specialized local companies that not only provide the most suitable car in ideal condition, but also offer extra advice and support to ensure our trip goes smoothly.

Knowledge and experience

The art to achieving all this is knowledge and experience, gained through extensive travel and research. For this reason, we insist on planning all our journeys ourselves, personally exploring the region again, driving the routes, staying in the hotels, comparing the different attractions and of course enjoying all that lovely food. Always seeking out advice and recommendations from our friends, contacts and local guides on the ground.

Personally, we can also fall back on over twenty years of Overlanding experience, including a three and half year “Around the World” adventure and a twelve month Brazilian Expedition. For more details about our travels, see the About Page.

Small groups or “tailor made”

The fact that we limit our journeys to small groups with a maximum of 6 to 8 vehicles, allows us to travel more comfortably and safely, gaining access to the better routes, remote locations and more choice when it comes to hotels and restaurants. It also provides a more intimate atmosphere, allowing you to get to know your fellow travellers and make new friends quickly. Hopefully, by the end of the journey, you will feel very much part of the Overlander family.

All of our journeys are available as either Small Group Expeditions, where you will join other likeminded adventurers on a first come first served basis or as Tailor-Made Private Expeditions, where we personally design and organize a trip around your already formed group.

“No matter which journey you choose, your time will always be precious. Our responsibility is to make sure you make the most of every minute”.

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