The World Walk (O Mundo à Pé)


I’m in the middle of a five year, seven continent, trek around the world.

Who are you? The name is Tom Turcich, I’m twenty-five, former mediocre college tennis player, author of three and a half unpublished bestsellers, and dude who once lost five toenails after a three day hike (it sucked).

What is The World Walk and how far is it? My adventure, a solo journey of five years and seven continents. Roughly 22,000 miles.

That’ll take five years? If I can average fifteen miles a day, which isn’t asking too much, then each year I’ll have walked 5,475 miles. At that pace the walk could be completed in four years, however I expect to be taking detours and extended breaks in curious places.

What are you taking with you? Ooo. All sorts of things. A tent, a sleeping bag, a sleeping pad, lights, knives, solar panels, $26 dollar underwear, a GoPro, a DSLR, a pen and paper, a hat, some (hopefully) blister-proof socks, a fire-starter, probably some water and food too.

You’re carrying that all on your back? Get real, this is a marathon, not a sprint. I’ll be pushing around everything in an aluminum rickshaw-style cart built by Tom Marchetty, my self-proclaimed manager and owner of the insanely interesting maker-space, The Factory.

Why are you doing this? To not be boring. To dive into myself and into the world. What a horrible thing it would be to be bullied into a nine-to-five, to trade my time for paychecks instead of experience. I want something greater. I want the marrow Thoreau wrote about. I want adventure and fear and revelation, I want to stand on the edge of Earth, toe-to-toe with the universe.

Are you going to be recording your experience? Yea dude! With the help of the genius entrepreneurs at WildFire Radio, my site is going to be loaded with content; I’ll being writing, making videos, and taking geo-tagged photos. One of the sections I’m most excited about is called “The Path Ahead” – each morning I’ll take a geo-tagged photo of the road I’m about to walk down. I want to live vicariously!

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